it’s time to level up

I’ve had a week. A few significant events have happened to make this week what it’s been—having a panic attack; thinking Lilly was going to die; working to create a new website and spending a lot of my money in the process; still writing daily (obviously); just generally being in a weird headspace. Although I’ve been writing every day, I haven’t posted like normal. Not because I don’t want to. I just don’t think posting something I don’t completely feel, in a moment, is right. I want to be 100% honest on these blogs. In order to do that, I need to believe what I’m posting. I need to be honest and tell you all I haven’t had a great week. But, that, that week is now over and I am ready to go even harder. My new site will be up and running around June 10th (if all goes according to plan). It’s going to be completely new, and it’s just the beginning of my journey.

I  want to tell you something I do, every morning and every night, no matter how I feel. Daydream. Or, in other words, take a few minutes to think specifically about where my life is going and how I’m going to get there. I give myself a vision to concentrate on and that motivates me. When you have big dreams, you absolutely have to see those things as a reality in your mind. Create the world you want for yourself inside your head and never stop thinking about it. Give yourself a mantra, look in the mirror and repeat that sentence to yourself 10-15 times at least twice-a-day. A good time to do this would be the same time you take 5-minutes to visualize.

I will be a successful writer. I will be a successful writer. 

Stare yourself dead in the eyes and believe the words coming out of your mouth. It’s going to feel stupid, and you may think it’s pointless. I promise, it’s not. Give yourself a week, or a month, and you will feel the difference it has on your confidence and your work ethic. Some days are going to be hard, other days you’re going to feel like you could take on the whole world. Appreciate both ends of this spectrum. And, overall, just don’t give up.

From the outside, it may seem like I’ve given up with my blogs—a little bit. From the inside, I can tell you I’d just plateaued and needed to figure out what the next level would look like. That resulted in a week of deep thought and everyone around me asking what was wrong even more than they normally do. I’ve got it now and it’s going to be good.


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