5 hobbies

I obviously stopped doing these prompts for awhile. I was stuck because the next two that I have can be described as:

  • Similar to my 5 passions post.
  • Hard to write without hurting someone’s feelings..?? I’m not sure.

So, here I am eight-days-later, refusing to stop something I’ve almost completed. Besides these next two days, I think the last few prompts will be pretty interesting. Here’s to the next two, though.

List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them:

  1. Soccer – This is a recent one. It’s not so much soccer, as it is the players. The community surrounding the sport is incredible. And, I really just like watching people do what they love—which leads me into my next hobby-of-sorts…
  2. Watching – Before this comes off as creepy, let me explain. I love watching the interactions people have. I love watching animals. I love watching leaves blow in the wind. I love watching the coffee on my desk sway in the cup because of my intense typing. I just love detail.
  3. Reading – I will sit in the same spot for hours at a time just reading quotes—not even a book—literally, quotes. I do enjoy reading books, too. But, quotes are quick and give you the good stuff right away.
  4. Sudoku – It’s super random. This is just an easy way for me to get my brain going. It’s also a quick way to piss myself off—only because I’m competitive. I like it, though.
  5. Constantly test myself – Everyday, I try to do something uncomfortable. Looking at the news app on my phone is a good example. I hate the news. The news used to send me into a spiral of panic attacks. So, whenever I think about it, I’ll open the app, read the titles and face my fear.


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