i see you

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I suddenly began to like soccer, or why I get so invested in musicians, actors, and internet stars—I truly try to get to know them as people. I’m a fan, sure, but I’m really just looking to be a friend.

Yesterday, I went to a Chicago Red Stars soccer game. After the game was over, I went down to the fence and waited to meet as many of the players as I could. I’ve had a few experiences like this in the past—where I had a chance to meet professional athletes, authors, or whatever. And, when I would meet them, I wouldn’t actually meet them. They would sign what I had, take a picture and go. I was too shy to take the conversation any further and they honestly just saw me as another person in the crowd. My face just blurred in with everyone else. Yesterday, however, I made a point to talk to every player I met. I asked how they were, had a genuine interaction, and shook each of their hand, introducing myself. It was pretty interesting to see shock spread across their faces when I held my hand out to actually meet them. I could tell that it probably doesn’t happen often with fans. Except, I’m not just a fan.

I haven’t quite figured out how to explain this next thing to others. But, I’ll do my best. When I look at these people living their dreams—writers, professional athletes, singers, actors, YouTubers, etc.—I see myself. I see the level they are on and I see myself on that exact same level. When I meet them, I don’t look up to them, I look directly at them. I’m a friend to them and they just don’t know it yet. I’m going to be someone they see in a magazine, a book, or in an interview, and say, “Oh, that’s Kelsi. She goes to our soccer games.” Or, “yeah, I’ve seen her blog.”

To me, this way of thinking is necessary if you have a dream. It prepares you for the future and gives you continuous confidence that you’ll reach that goal. The future is bright, my friends.


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