who would i have dinner with

If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

Dang. This is a hard question. One person? What the…how am I expected to answer this? There are so many directions I could go; so many directions I’d love to go. I’m really not sure if I can choose just one person. I’ll go with it, though.

Martin Luther King Jr… That’s who I’d have dinner with. I’d have hundreds of questions for him. But, mostly, I’d just like to get to know him as a human. What drove him to fight so hard for the right thing, despite all the reasons he had to hide? How did he stay so hopeful? How many times did he wonder why he was allowing himself to be a vessel of hope for so many others—why couldn’t he just let someone else do it? I would love to sit down with him and figure out what made up his soul. What was it about MLK that people clung to for guidance? As for what we’d eat…I really don’t care. I can guarantee I would be too busy talking. There’s no way I’d want to waste time eating.

Because this is so short, and I don’t like choosing just one person. I’ll list the top 5 people (in no specific order) I’d like to sit down with. I’m not going to say why, though. That part I’ll keep to myself, for now.

  1. Logan Paul
  2. Elizabeth Gilbert
  3. Christen Press
  4. Maya Angelou
  5. Myself from another perspective.


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