popular notion beliefs

What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

I have a few I could say. But, I think I’ll go with this:

You don’t have to be a shark to get ahead in the world, kindness will always prevail.

I think when it comes to the world as a whole, if we are done dirty, we think we have to come back even dirtier. Not a single person can say that they’ve never wanted revenge on someone, or never wanted to put a jam in someone’s life. We’ve all been on both sides of that story. A lot of the time, it may be fair to say you have a legitimate reason to get them back—so to speak. What do you really gain from that, though? A warm fuzzy feeling, for a short amount of time, until you go back to being pissed off? That’s an endless cycle. It’s also pointless and reckless to be wasting valuable energy on someone who just hurt you.

When it comes to business, competition—or anything in that realm—we are all trying to one-up the person next to us. Healthy competitiveness is one thing; destroying someone else in the process of lifting yourself up…that’s not okay. I believe, as humans, we lift ourselves up by lifting others up.

Imagine making it to the top of your craft, everyone knows your name and you’ve got money coming out of your ears. The catch? You cheated to get there. You played dirty and destroyed all your relationships along the way. Do you think, looking back on your path, you’ll be proud? Will you smile, believing you did it the right way? Well, unless you’re a robot, the answer is no. You will despise yourself. You’ll be lonelier than you’ve ever been.

Now, think of it this way. Maybe it took you a little longer to achieve your dreams—only because you did it a genuine way. You made many friends along the way, with hundreds of stories to go with them. Yeah, sure, you had an end goal in mind. Except, you weren’t focused on the end, you were focused on the journey to the end. So, looking back…hell yeah, you’re proud. You did everything you could to live a pure life. Obviously, you made mistakes along the way. Those mistakes taught you valuable lessons, and they never failed to give you a reality check—forcing you to center yourself again.

Forgiveness doesn’t have to be so hard. And, that’s another one that can go along with this. You can’t let others use you as a cane to get through their life. At some point, you have to walk away, forgive them for using you, and stay kind in the process—to both parties (you and them). I think everyone deserves forgiveness; though, they can’t abuse that forgiveness…nor does forgiveness mean trust. Trust is earned. Always.


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