Never have I ever heard of a successful person who followed all of the rules. Never have I ever heard of a free person who followed all of the rules. Never have I ever heard of a happy person who followed all of the rules. It’s not fun to follow the rules—it’s the safe and easy way out of everything. The people who read the directions, and follow them step-by-step, aren’t the people who change the world. Most of the time, those are the people who manage the ones doing the big things—taking the big risks.

When you decide the judgment of others doesn’t matter to you, that’s when you’ll begin to soar. That’s the first step in taking risks. With every risk comes multiple dream-crushers. There’s going to be a lot of people telling you you’re crazy for even thinking you can do it; there’s going to be a lot of people who don’t verbalize their opinion, but have a hard time hiding the look in their eyes; there will also be a lot of people who cheer you on that secretly think you’ll fail or want you to fail. Don’t get me wrong, there will also be someone—or someones—who completely believes in your journey. Both sides of that coin have pros and cons, and I think they fall even with each other when debating which is better.

You have to do this for you—whatever this is. This life is the only one you have. In this life, we don’t get take-backs, redos, or an instruction manual. You get what you were born with, and what you do with those skills. You can improve, fall behind, or stay even. But, the point is, you can do what you want. There is no situation you can’t get out of. If you don’t like where you are, take the necessary steps to change your scenery. If you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, research ways to practice self-love—start working out, meditate, initiate positive thoughts, etc.. If you’re in a bad relationship, leave it. I don’t care what the circumstances are, no one can force you to stay with them unless you allow it. If you’re unhappy with your job, search for something you’d better enjoy. If you are unhappy in school, evaluate your options and figure out what’d be best for you. If you’re unhappy in general, dig deep and try to find the root of your problems—write in a journal (no one ever has to see it), talk to yourself in a mirror, go to therapy. You can always do something.

How do you find fulfillment in an everyday life, though? Well, you make sure you’re not living an everyday life. You do everything in your power to take a risk, daily. Throw yourself outside your comfort zone. Push past your limit to create a new one. Smile at a stranger. Work hard, but don’t forget to rest. Make friends everywhere you go. Leave an impression on everyone you meet. Break the rules. I’ve spent my entire life breaking the rules—not even taking the path less traveled but making my own path, instead.

I don’t want to stay in one time zone and seclude myself from the millions of things this world has to offer. It’s too easy to live your life in one place—to grow old in the same town—thinking that it was all you were ever meant for. You can be meant for whatever you want. You can be whoever you want. You can do whatever you want. You can live however you want. So, if staying in the same place forever is what you want, go for it. But, don’t ever think you have to.

BTR Blog

Make it your mission to question the standards society has set. Don’t allow another person to deflate your dreams. Don’t let a silly rule hold you back from going after something. Break through the glass and set a new limit for yourself—an infinite limit.


This is my 200th post. How did I get this far? To think I’m not really even that far, yet. I was hoping to have my site ready to launch by this milestone, but I don’t. That’s okay, it can wait. I’m not going to launch it until it’s perfect.

The message I want to spread with these blogs is simple: we were meant for something far greater than everyday mundane tasks. We were meant to soar, to experience, to live, to love, and ultimately, to be free. You are capable of anything; you just have to work for it. We all have the ability to change the world. Be a leader, not a follower.


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