20 things I learned by 20

For the last two years, around the time of my birthday, I’ve posted this type of thing. 

18 things I learned at 18

19 things I learned by 19

**By the way – the website the above links take you to is an archive site for all of my previous 289 blogs 🙂 if you feel like exploring.**

Although it’s been over two months since my 20th birthday, I’m going to post this anyway. I enjoyed the other ones, so here I am with another. 

1. Read –  it’s a secret to being happy

2. Go out of your comfort zone 

3. Breathing is key

4. Your mind is your most powerful tool

5. Waking up early is one of the best ways to change your life

6. Deep down, you always know what the right thing to do is 

7. Love is worth all things

8. No act of kindness is ever wasted

9. On that same note, you can’t help anyone else unless you first help yourself

10. You’ll lose your way many times in life. But if you stay your course, the path will reveal itself again

11. Loss is inevitable

12. When you feel like you’ve got nowhere to go, you’re wrong

13. 5 4 3 2 1 — This is, by far, my favorite thing that I’ve obtained this last year. Literally, whenever you don’t want to do something, this is how you do it. If you’ve gotta run a mile, get up for work, have an unwelcome conversation, or whatever—countdown from 5, then do it. It’s the most simple yet most effective secret trick/tip I’ve got. Try it. 

14. No one is ever paying as much attention to you as you think

15. Being alone is always better than being with the wrong people

16. Don’t put yourself in stupid situations just to please someone else 

17. Being yourself is not cliche

18. Anxiety is not you 

19. Spend time with what/who you love

20. Negativity sells – positivity always prevails

This was actually a lot harder for me to put together than I expected it to be. Not because I don’t know what lessons I’ve learned. Simply because I struggled to put words with each one—so I didn’t. Sometimes, getting right to the point and staying there is better than explanation.

With Love,


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It's about the way you become weightless when the pen seems to be moving all by itself--or the way your fingers glide over the keys, typing word after word with no clear direction, only the burning desire to keep going. That's what I'm here for and that's what I've come to share with you.

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