moment abductors

There’s things that are triggering

Things that are derailing


They come to you at the most unexpected times

They find their way to you

Come hell or high water

And they ease their way into your moments


The outcome of this is remarkable

In the worst of ways

And in the best


You react to things as you’ve been conditioned



This means you may shut down

You may lash out

You may cry


See, these little pieces of information

When they find their way to you

They are looking for a reaction

They are expecting a show


That is what you give them

Almost every time


This isn’t your fault

None of this was your choice

You do not understand all of the ways you’ve become a puppet

You have yet to learn who the master is


And now you sit reading this

The words of a girl 

On a screen

Who typed this as she’s been put numb

By a moment abductor


I’d be wondering if this has value

Or if I, also, am here to steal your time


I want you to think about your last stolen moment

What caused it?

How long did it last?

How many times did it happen before that?

How many times has it happened in the last month? Six months? Year?


What did you do to pass it by

Was it nothing

Did you simply let it ride its course and hope the next one didn’t last as long

Didn’t come so quickly


And when it inevitably did

What did you do

The same thing?


Did you trick yourself into believing you were trying to help

Knowing damn well you weren’t doing a thing


But where do you start 

How could you possibly help


What do you do when there’s no one to call

And nothing to distract




That’s what I did


I sat

In silence

In pain

As the thoughts roamed my mind

Bouncing off each corner of my brain

Over and over

Replaying them

Over and over


Sometimes it was hours before they slowed

Before they no longer had energy to bounce


I felt trapped




I allowed that to go on for years of my life


And on the side


I was teaching myself how to be different

I was filling my tool box

I was sharpening my knives 


It’s been five years

Since I last sat on the couch and melted in my terror


It’s been five years since a moment stolen turned into days, months, years


It’s been five years since I was a puppet


Do you want to know what I’ve learned in all of these years 

What has now kept my head resurfacing above water

Quicker each and every time I sink


It’s me

I am in charge

I am the puppet master


I gave the moment abductors power

I gave them my time

I opened the doors to my home and I invited them in


That doesn’t happen anymore

It won’t happen again


Sure, they still come around

They still walk onto my porch

Knock a few times

And when I open to see who it is

They spit all of their words at me as fast as they can

Hoping something will stick

Before I slam the door right back into their face


They are not invited


And sometimes their words sting

But their echos no longer stay


You must learn to shut your door

Shut it hard

Shut it fast


Breathe once its closed 

Make an effort to find your tools

Fill up the box until you need a cabinet

Fill up the cabinet until you need a shed

Fill up the shed until you need a whole warehouse


You are infinitely capable

You are remarkably resourceful

Do not sell yourself short

Do not give in to the pain


Do not invite them into your home


They can’t abduct you

If the doors are locked


I promise. 


Published by Kelsi

It's about the way you become weightless when the pen seems to be moving all by itself--or the way your fingers glide over the keys, typing word after word with no clear direction, only the burning desire to keep going. That's what I'm here for and that's what I've come to share with you.

2 thoughts on “moment abductors

  1. Girl you are wise beyond your years!!! Your mom and step dad are my kids’ cross country coaches and I see your mom post your poetry and it’s so touching to me ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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