respecting your moments

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Learning to live in the moment

It’s tough

With each passing second we spend most of our time thinking about the next

You know

Those moments

Where time and space fade away and you’re just here 

It happens randomly

A song makes the world disappear and it’s all that exist for those minutes 

Or your brain randomly spaces and your eyes blur on an object ahead 

Or when you’re with the ones you love, laughing, and nothing else matters

Half of the time

Those moments pass before we acknowledge them

They bless us and leave us

Giving us glimpses of contentment 

The only sign of their existence 

Is the deep gut feeling that we want more

And we’re missing something

See, I’m starting to realize that we aren’t missing anything

We are simply failing to learn

It’s easy to make life harder

It’s hard to make life easier 

Putting in the work feels draining

Who wants to learn to take in moments

Sit in their silence

Appreciate existence 

It sounds dreadfully boring

So, instead, we pass the time with anything else

Mindless anything else’s

Self deprecating, falsely beneficial 

Anything else’s 

And that’s the way life goes 

It’s the way life passes

There’s the reason people say life flies

And years pass in the blink of an eye


They don’t

Time passes in all the ways you respect (or don’t respect) it’s worth

No one is perfect

And nothing is effortless

The work is worth the reward

The moments are worth the attention

And the outcome is worth your life

Plan for your future

But don’t live in it

Pay attention to your seconds now

They don’t last forever

And tomorrow doesn’t yet exist


Published by Kelsi

It's about the way you become weightless when the pen seems to be moving all by itself--or the way your fingers glide over the keys, typing word after word with no clear direction, only the burning desire to keep going. That's what I'm here for and that's what I've come to share with you.

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