“About” pages always get me. I don’t really know how I’d describe myself. Hmmm I guess I’ll just talk about what the goal of my blogs are. They help me. They free me. They make me believe in me. And apparently they’ve helped a few others. So I guess that’s a plus.

I’ve dealt with mental illness most of my life,  and the world around me started to resemble what I assumed hell would be like. I handled it as best I knew how and somehow made it through my worst years yet. I’m still handling it and I still catch glimpses of that hell sometimes. So I write. These are a small portion of my daily thoughts posted on the internet for all of you to see. Maybe in some strange way something good will come from this.


An awesome website to check out in regard to addiction/mental illness in all is: https://www.drugrehab.com/co-occurring-disorder/ It’s extremely detailed and a great website to explore if you need any kind of information on what you may be dealing with.

**ALL credit to the images in the background of my featured photos goes to the rightful owners**

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